UET6 Task 05

Personal SWOT Analysis

Reflective Journal & Personal Targets

Throughout this term, I have engaged in an active reflective journey; after each lesson, I have methodically made a diary entry, where I have written up my notes, examined and researched the topics covered, then developed some of the topics/resources further. For example; during one session, we were given the task of piecing together a learner theory/model Tarsia Puzzle. In response to this, I created one on colours and their various hex/pantone/rgb representations, see diary entry ‘week 09‘. As my handwriting is abysmal, taking written notes, was not my first decision; however, it was pointed out, that the act of physically jotting down notes helps develop retention. As I have not measured this theory, I can not comment on its successfulness; however, referring back to my notes and making a dedicated blog post, has been good, where I believe I have formed an honest and accurate account of my class participation.

Overall, this unit has been enriching; even though I have years of experience in teaching, it is the understanding and knowledge of what theories, principles and models of curriculum I have been using, that has been great to examine and reflect upon. Researching into communication theories was very engaging; my assigned theorist was Eric Berne and his ‘Transactional Analysis‘ theory; through my research into this communication tool, I formulated the notion of the ‘Bruised Ego’ state, in which I successfully used it, to convert a learners ego state and develop the line of discourse. On the topic of communication, I found the subject of SMOG & FOG to very stimulating; in response to this, I already plan to deliver a SMOG lesson to my L3 Y2 learners, where I will get them to analyse and report upon their own written language, whilst examining various periodicals. The objective of this lesson, will be that the learners can formulate an article for a magazine spread that is suitable for their target audience.

The following diary entries evidence key reflective points, throughout this term.

Week 03: Countdown

Week 05: Micro Teaching Cont.

Week 06: Micro Teaching Cont.

Week 09: Guest Speaker – Jane Lemar

Week 11: Online Resources cont. & Teacher Guide Development

Week 12: 3D Models & Educational Ideologies

My personal targets are as follows:

• Continue developing enriching and detailed resources for learners
• Aim to make the learners work more for the lesson
• Increase the flipped learning/homework tasks to feed into subsequent lessons
• Strengthen the assessment of learning during the lesson

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