Week 01: Yikes


First week on the DET and yikes, we were handed all of the material, outlying all of the units, for which there are four Mandatory Units: UET3, UET4, UET6 & UET11; then there are three optional units: UV51238, UET12 & UET15. During out training, we will be observed 8 times, two of which will be by our personal mentors.

The class is a good size, with a broad mix of subject specialisms; there is IT, Business, Hair & Beauty, Building etc. The experience of the group is also broad, with some learners new to teaching and some who have been in education for some years.

We had some good starter exercises, where we organised ourselves based upon experience then confidence. Another exercise was to write down roles and responsibilities of other people that we as educators may come into contact with, either on a daily basis or from time to time.

• Create a short three page Slide-Show on our given teaching theorist

• Bring in an example of a Scheme of Work
• Bring in an example of a Lesson Plan

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