Week 02: Repetition


The overall theme of this session was about how we retain information, more specifically, how to get the information from our short term memory into our long term memory. Well I’m stuffed, my memory centre is like a minefield; easily triggered by random catalysts, which usually just splurts out popular culture factoids and movie quotes. Still, the usual suspects of conditioning techniques were present.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…..

So, 7 Units to complete the course, four of which are mandatory and the three optional, yet pre chosen. Then there are 8 Observations, 2 of which are conducted by our personal tutor.

The other memory technique was positive reinforcement; which is the application of praise, when a task has been completed to the requirements.
Twix’s were offered towards the end. 😉

This session was good, in that we were given the exact requirements for Unit UET6. This consists of 5 tasks, which we have completed Two already, sweet!

An important element of this session, was how we incorporate Exemplifying British Values (EBV) into our lessons. This is an essential part of current teaching guidelines. There are four main components to EBV, which are:

• Rule of Law (Legislation)
• Democracy
• Individual Liberty
• Mutual Respect & Tolerance

This could be carried out through an opening ‘toolbox’ session where perhaps the students are made aware of current affairs; dependent on the subject matter, this could lead onto a group discussion or a task.

Through the completion of our micro presentations, all learners will get an overall view of various learning models. Some are more pertinent than others, where they may only apply to certain sectors; however, an area such as reflective practice, would be applied across all teaching fields, as the learner would need to reflect upon what they are doing or have done in order to develop and progress.

• Write a lesson plan for our micro teaching session.

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