Week 03: Countdown


This session was enjoyable, where the starter was a variation of Countdown. We were given the word ‘Differentiation’, where in 30 seconds we had to form as many words as possible from it. This activity was good, as obviously it embedded English into the lesson; word association was mentioned, but more importantly it was understanding what the title word meant. As teachers, we need to ensure that we implement differentiation into our lessons; the practice of this is to modify the lesson and material to accommodate the different learners and their needs with regards to learning styles.

The core of the lesson was for the studetns to present their slideshows on their given theorist. We were shown a variety of theories, all of which as teachers we may be applying to own practice without knowing it. This was helpful, as the examples given of how to embed this into practice was logical. A couple of the theories, have their specific applications, where perhaps we only touch upon them; but generally we adopt a multi-model approach to teaching, learning and assessment.

A topic that was explored was ‘Readability Indexes’, effectively how readable and legible are our materials, handouts etc. So based upon our learners level, we need to ensure that our written language is appropriate. So perhaps throwing in words such as ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ for a Level 2 subject would be inappropriate.  There are established formulas to measure the readability of  text, these are aptly called the SMOG & FOG readability indexes. For me I find the abundance of acronyms in education to be quite irksome; however when I found out what the acronym for SMOG was I did smile: Simple Measure of Gobbledygook.

Towards the end of session we got into pairs and analysed each other’s lesson plans, this was a basic peer assessment task. Helpful for those who need to construct a lesson plan for their Microteach session.

Something interesting; a trip is planned for the 08th November to go to Parliament? could be fun, although not sure about taking the minibus? “ARE WE THERE YET?”

• Prepare a fifteen minute microteach, this is to be accompanied by a lesson plan, where we have to identify the learning models applied.


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