Week 04: Micro Teaching


This session felt a tad peculiar, perhaps it was due to half the class being absent in preparation for an Ofsted inspection (C’est la vie). The overall theme was about the ‘Micro Teach’ and exploring its function within education. Generally, they are applied to consolidate learning, act as a measure for interviews, and it was suggested that certain Ofsted inspections/observations can last for the duration of a typical micro teach of about fifteen minutes. The main purpose of these micro teach sessions, were to share our practices, skills and experience, whilst receiving feedback and developing our approaches for future applications. This was achieved through a detailed and moderately critical feedback session from the peer group.Three learners managed to present, in which the topics were Hopi Ear Candling, Augusto Boal and the structure of human hair. The consensus was that all of us walked away learning something new.

Towards the end, there was not enough time to deliver another micro teach, as the constructive criticism would have overrun; however there was time for me to deliver my presentation on my assigned theorist, Donald Schön. Overall it went well, I presented his reflective cycle, in which I had structured a comparative visual guide between other practitioners. But my focus was on the two stages of reflective practice, ‘On’ and In’. I had already formulated some examples of how I would apply this to my specialism; but applying my ‘wing-it’ approach, I gave an example of how this could be applied to another specialism from the class.

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