Week 05: Micro Teaching Cont.


A much fuller class tonight, with an overall very good atmosphere with some positive news. As some of the group ‘endured’ an Ofsted observation last week, it was good to hear their experiences of the process. The discussion was good, as it got the group to consider the wider importance and effect, that an inspection has; more specifically who it affects and who has a vested interest. The overall gist of it is, that a positive results potentially leads to more bums on seats, which equals more money. A sign of the times, that education has become a commodity.

There was short Q&A on the difference between a ‘Mentor’ and a ‘Coach’. The result was, that we understood that anyone could become a mentor as this involved ‘Soft Skills’, so the ability to ‘Listen’, ‘Support’ and provide ‘General Advice’ based on experience. A coach, involved guided direction based upon specialism.

We watched an interesting video about feedback and development: Austins Butterfly

This was very educational as the notion of micro critiquing came to mind, I have thought that sometimes I could have potentially overloaded a learner with too much feedback; watching this video and the process employed made me consider providing more bite-sized chunks of advice to my learners.

We observed two more Micro Teaches this afternoon, this process is proving to be an invaluable exercise. After each micro delivery, the group deconstructs the learners lesson and provides constructive criticism based upon a sudo, praise-sandwich approach. We point out the ‘Effective/Strong’ points, then the ‘Non-Effective/Weak’ points and finally points to ‘Develop/Move Forward’. With each micro teach, we as a group can take away the effective points and develop them into our practice, or in the immediate case, can use them in our micro teach; this could lead to the notion that whoever is last, will produce an ‘Outstanding’ lesson.

We were also introduced to using PADLETS as a means to collaborate and contribute to class discussions etc. Looks good…

We each were given our UET6 Essay theme today; the overall heading is  ‘Theories, principles and models of communication’ and my focus is ‘Transactional Analysis Models’.

• Based upon our assigned essay topic, we are to provide a Definition, Description & How it can be used in Education & Training

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