Week 06: Micro Teaching Cont.


This was another great session as we got to experience and learn from each others micro teach lessons; tonight, four of us, including myself got to present, which was wonderful, as I have been plotting my surprise lesson for a few weeks now. The micro teach lessons were as follows:

Car Tyres: Even though I do not drive or have a license, this was an engaging and balanced lesson. The focus was on deciphering the alpha numeric sequence that is around a tyre.  We got to test the tread on a tyre profile using a depth gauge, learn about different types of tyres and their function in displacing water; however the most shocking aspect was the potential fine and penalty points for having bald tyres. So 3 Points plus £2500 per bald tyre, yikes… So four bald tyres, you can kiss your license goodby and your savings.

Choking: This was a first aid based lesson, where we were taught the basic first aid protocols on dealing with someone who is choking. The lesson was very relevant, as all of us could potentially need to help someone in this situation. So five back slaps between the shoulder blades, followed by five abdominal thrusts. Being a first aider, having this reiterated again was very good, it provided a good refresher point.

Eastern Eyebrow Threading: An enjoyable lesson, where the practical element got all learners engaged in the topic; that was after I volunteered to have a small section of my eyebrows, threaded. Apparently it can be painful, yet comparing it to the sensation of having a full leg wax, it was very negligible. I found the social historical aspect, of this practice to be very interesting; with it dating back 6000 years and being performed on girls as a ‘rite of passage’ to womanhood, it was something you would not know, unless taught.

Exercise: My ‘trick’ lesson worked perfectly; testing the learners memory recall was a great opener, as they all responded and liked the challenge. However, photography was not my plan; the photo I used was from 2007 and it was when I was at my heaviest of 22 stone. So my idea to flip this lesson into an exercise demonstration worked; I made sure that I did not single any one learner out, but instead asked for volunteers to take part in the demonstrations. The feedback I received was good/very good with only ‘timing’ being my area to improve on, I think my 15 minutes turned to about 22.

As pointed out by our lecturer ‘Beverly’, there are some common positive traits developing; the main element, is that all learners are ensuring that there are some clear objectives given at the start of the lesson and that the lesson is interactive, with practical elements and good resources. Having spent the last 13 years in HE, it is trying to step away from ‘Lecture Mode’.

Me, the fat one to the left 😉

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