Half Term 02


Having this week off from the course and from my primary teaching position provided me with the time to complete ‘Learning Objective 04’ from Unit UET3&4, this is the ‘Induction Leaflet for a new member of staff on Assessment Procedures’. I had already planned to tackle this design project, with an aim of getting it near completed; however, I got totally engrossed with the visual research and the formation of content that it turned into a mission to finish. The learning objective of creating this leaflet was to check our understanding and awareness of assessment procedures, more specifically, differentiated procedures. However, based upon my induction experience into my current position, where guidance on assessment procedures was limited, I thought that creating a more detailed booklet would be beneficial.

I conducted some visual research via Pinterest; the learning software with this website is great, as typically my feed is full of graphic design, photography, technology and the occasional comic book art. After narrowing it down, I settled on a geometric inspired spread, the primary shape is a circle, with some hexagons and squares for balance.

As this was to be an induction device for new staff, a logical step for a differentiated assessment approach would be to examine the learners group profile, coupled with the awarding body’s specification. After this introductory section, the required sections to evidence an understanding were as followed:

• A range of assessment methods.
• A range of reasonable adjustments which can be applied for inclusive assessment within regulatory guidelines.
• Differentiated strategies,
• Standardisation procedures to meet the qualification specification.

I found this a challenge as I wanted the design to be ‘just so’; however, its overall formation has been very rewarding, it has reinforced some ideas and tactics that I will endeavour to incorporate  into my own teaching and assessment practice.

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