Careers Event

To evidence our understanding and knowledge of our specialist areas, we were charged with delivering a ‘Careers Event’ presentation; this was to be delivered to our peers, who would take on various roles of learners with special education needs and requirements. The purpose of this, was to challenge our knowledge of the course and see how we can best advise the potential, differentiated learners that may pursue our various disciplines. For a proportion of the class, who are already teaching within an FE institute, they will have most likely, already delivered a session known as either a ‘Preview’ or ‘Taster’ day. Instead of delivering a formal presentation, on taster days, prospective learners are given the opportunity to participate in an actual lesson. This term, I have delivered two, one on the 26th Feb and the other on 26th Mar, my write up of these can be found below.

Week 19: Taster Session

Week 23: Embedding Minimum Core & Careers Event


Instead of delivering a ‘Careers Event’ to my peers, I suggested that I deliver a presentation of my ‘Induction Booklet‘; I thought that would best support my peers in generating ideas and methods to aid them in the structure of their ‘Induction Leaflet’ as part of UET3&4 . In my presentation, I did examine aspects of the UAL spec, where I highlighted certain elements such as the required evidence. Please see the feedback report below.

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