Week 24: Selling your course & Careers Event


Learning Objectives:
1. Recommend effective techniques to promote your curriculum.
2. Describe the different qualifications/Training Programmes available in your own specialist area.
3. Recommend and demonstrate appropriate Initial Advice & Guidance to meet individual and qualification needs.

As a great start to session, we begun with a short round of the Logo game; now whilst this may not seem initially pertinent, it was ideal in clarifying marketing techniques and ideas. Slogans, signs, symbols and colours were discussed, were the overall message was about identifying memorable aspects. This relates directly to our investigation and presentations into ‘Careers Events’, where it is about producing material that is engaging to the potential learners. Your learner’s/customers will want to know what they are getting for their money, what resources are available to them and what can the college produce that another one can’t. 

The session progressed with a peer presenting their Careers Day information. The presentation was good, which was full of important information, such as unit descriptors and credit weighting, who teaches what etc. There was an element of role play in this presentation, as the class, who acted as the potential learners, were assigned a specific learners needs and requirements. The objective of this was to see how the presenter could inform a differentiated group of learners, who had specific questions about the course and their requirements. 

I was next, however I changed my presentation as a review of the ‘Assessment Booklet’ resource, I suggested this as a way of supporting peers and generating ideas and methods to aid them in their coursework. My presentation did cover the UAL spec to a point, where I highlighted specific elements such as the required evidence. 

A constructive element of this session was the tutor deconstructing the requirement’s and learning objectives of the essay required for UET12; this was very helpful to the group, where some peers strengths do not lie in academic writing. 

Homework – Due 14th May
We are to give a demonstration on a resource we use in our specialist area, this is to include:
• Aims & objectives of the resource
• The benefits it has to the learning
• The potential for adaptation for inclusive learning
• Cost and availability
• The Unique Selling Point

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