Week 25: Careers Event & Educational Policies


Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the different qualifications/Training Programmes available in your own specialist area.
2. Explain and analyse educational Policies and Factors which influence specialist training. 

Challenge Target: Recommend ways to effectively respond to these factors.

Sociological Influences

To start we had to deconstruct the word sociological and discuss its various interpretations. Then we had to answer the following question:
• What relevance does this have on your training programs.
Sociological influences can take many forms; geographic, financial, cultural and other categorical elements can all impact learning. These sociological factors will effect our learners in many different ways, as part of our curriculum structure and delivery, we need to take into consideration our diverse range of learners. In our current financial climate, students may come from low-income houses; this will impact their access to personal resources and materials. For example, educational visits, that require the student to pay for extended travel could be problematic. As educators, we would have to factor this in, when planning such visits that are not required by the awarding body’s specification. Other factors such as students in paid work and overall educational starting point.

An important part of this lesson was highlighting the importance and potential impact that not just educational policies have in our specialist areas, but other global policies. A policy that will affect all, which will come into place on the 25th May is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Part of our work tonight was to take on the role of a news reporter; the task was to research into an educational policy that has affected our specialist area and then compose a three minute news report. Overall, this was an enjoyable exercise, yet most of the group, myself included delivered a more informal statement of facts and figures. I gave a report on the drop in university applications, when compared to previous years figures. The drop was a result of higher apprenticeship applications and that many college students still do not want to take out a £27k loan to pay for the high fees. 

In preparation for a guest speaker, we are to compile a range of questions associated with Legislation and Copyright law. I’m sure that the popular topic of the GDPR will be discussed. We are to also continue with our planning and preparation for a ‘Resource Demonstration’, this is to include: aim, benefits to learning, potential adaptation for inclusive learning, cost and availability. 

Also we are to plan our next observations, as I am fast tracking, I will need to get all my observations completed before June 2018, however, this is not just a case of getting them completed as soon as possible as there needs to be reflection and development time between each.  

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