Week 28: Resource Presentation


Learning Objectives:
1. Demonstrate a resource to effectively support learning.
2. Recommend and justify the inclusive use of a resource.

Challenge Target: Critically analyse and evaluate a range of teaching and learning resources.

Personal Targets Workshops:
1. Review your targets and progress to create a new personal action plan.
2. Analyse relevant knowledge, criteria, assignment briefs and progress reviews to produce evidence.
3. Critically analyses and evaluate your resource through a SWOT analysis.

Tonights class was very sparse, only five learners in the main session and another in the computer room; this was to provide the learners who delivered their Resource Demonstration/Presentation last week, time to catch up with personal targets.

Our starter was as follows:
‘Your manager has tasked you, at very short notice to cover a session for a colleague. What is your course of action?’

It was a given that this cover would be within our subject specialism, My course of action would be as follows:

• Locate the Scheme of Work, this could be either in a physical teaching file or a shared cloud drive.
• Check the VLE for any updates on objectives, tasks that need to be completed.
• If the learners are unfamiliar, check the group profile for any with educational needs and requirements.
• Look for evidence within the teaching space for any previous work to inform direction.
• Convert the starter session into a recap and confirmation of prior learning.

Overall this was a good task as it required us to demonstrate our understanding of best teaching practices and the importance of sharing knowledge and important documents with our immediate team. However, I can testify from experience, that sometimes you do not get 10 minutes to plan, nor have access to any shared lesson plans or SoW’s, instead you can be thrown straight into a class if a colleague fails to call in sick and nothing has been prepared. Yet, if you are knowledgable in your subject and can think on your feet, then sometimes to ‘Wing-it’ approach does work quite well.

The main core of the session was the delivery of four ‘Resource Presentations’. Overall, they were all good and all had their own strengths and weaknesses; there were elements from each, which could be adapted for other specialisms.

Building upon my interest in mobile phone technology and my research into its use within the classroom, I created a presentation on the adaptability and possibility of mobile phones within various sectors. I utilised statistical research from my ‘Action Research’ paper, where I stated that 96%  of 18-24 year olds own a smartphone and how that demographic could potentially reach 100% saturation within the next few years. I led by commenting upon photography and graphic design based apps, such as a light-meter and a Pantone sampler. Then I moved into other sectors such as surveying and make-up; then to emphasise this resources inclusivity and power as assistive technology, I covered, font, text-to-speech and image recognition.

Overall, my presentation was well received, where just a couple points about internet access and accessibility to economically deprived learners were raised. Please see the slide show below for the range of uses that mobiles/tablets can be used for.

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