Bank Holiday


There was no session tonight as it was a bank holiday, this also coincides with it being the start of the summer half term; after 14 years in Higher Education, I’m still trying to get used to half terms breaks, you get paid to have a week off…! Well that is the fantasy and the misconception of the masses. My half term week is mapped out with plenty of work:
Tuesday – Take one of my graphic design studetns to the University of Portsmouth to get their designs laser engraved onto some mock skateboards. (Get essay wire bound)
Wednesday – Go into college to supervise learners who wish to come in and catch up with work.
Thursday – Ditto, see Wednesday.
Friday – Term planning and report writing.

So that is the week planned, no doubt, some of my distance learning degree studetns will submit some assignments to assess, which will require formative feedback. Then I have paperwork to sort for my external moderation visits. I suppose there is no rest for the wicked. 

However, the weekend just gone, provided me with some free time to type out my final essay for this course. So collating my research and notes from some pertinent sessions, I was able to write my ‘Developing, Using and Organising Resources in a Specialist Area’ essay. This was an overall good chance to evaluate my practice and make some plans for development and improvements. One of my plans is to integrate Barclays Life Skills lessons into the term, these will be ideal for Unit 11 on progression, coupled with they should provide some invaluable skills for the learners work experience week. 

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