Here is my report for Learning Outcome 04

Scheme Of Learning & Lesson Plans Combo

I have structured a combined document, which merges the key points and pertinent data of a Scheme of Learning and Lesson Plans. It is envisioned that this document can also be shared with the learners, which will allow full transparency and promote an understanding of the developmental process. Separate workshop handouts and micro-briefs will be distributed on the appropriate days; this will enforce a paced approached, where stronger learners, have a tendency to rush ahead, if given all the requirements from the onset.

Curriculum Models

To better understand curriculum models, we were each assigned a particular one to investigate, where our outcome was to create a teachers guide. The guide below represents my overall findings into the ‘Linear Model’, where I have introduced some of its notions, compiled a rudimentary visual representation and noted some of its advantages and disadvantages. Please click the image below to access the full PDF presentation:

To support my investigation into curriculum models, I also researched the ‘Spiral Model’ as devised by Jerome Bruner. Please click the image below to access the full PDF presentation:

To support our homework in creating a teachers guide, in class, we were tasked with creating three-dimensional models to visually represent them. Once created, we presented our model to our peers, explaining its function and application. This exercise was categorised as a ‘Teach-Meet’, which provided the class with the opportunity to discuss, take notes and share ideas on the application of the models within our specialist areas.

Please see the ‘Observation Record’ sheet below:

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