Challenging perception and understanding modern teenage development and increased dependancy on mobile phones within the classroom.

Based upon recent experience and a new appreciation into teenage development and mental health; I will be investigating the perceived negative use of mobile phones in the classroom. Considered a component of negative classroom behaviour, I will aim to propose a new mindset for teachers to adopt in viewing this growing behavioural trait. My aim is to challenge the perception of it being a negative act and question the role of the mobile phone in our every growing technological dependent society. This will be a primary research-based investigation, where I am aiming to conduct a college wide survey and ask both learners and lecturers their views on mobile phones. I will tailor each survey, where there will be an emphasis on social networking and communication for the learners and with the lecturers, focus will be about their possible application of mobile phones in the classroom. This investigation will also be supported through the analysis of existing surveys and reports that examine teenage mental health issues arising through mobile phone use.

Although they will only be supportive, I will still devote some time in developing engaging illustrations and infographics, which will be built upon the data collected from the surveys.