Building upon my interest in mobile phone technology and my research into its use within the classroom, I created a presentation on the adaptability and possibility of mobile phones within various sectors. I utilised statistical research from my ‘Action Research’ paper, where I stated that 96%  of 18-24 year olds own a smartphone and how that demographic could potentially reach 100% saturation within the next few years. I led by commenting upon photography and graphic design based apps, such as a light-meter and a Pantone sampler. Then I moved into other sectors such as surveying and make-up; then to emphasise this resources inclusivity and power as assistive technology, I covered, font, text-to-speech and image recognition.

Overall, my presentation was well received, where just a couple points about internet access and accessibility to economically deprived learners were raised. Please see the slide show below for the range of uses that mobiles/tablets can be used for.

Here is my SWOT analysis of the resource.

Here is my observation record sheet from the presentation.