Personal Swot Analysis

Part of the evidence required for Task 01, was to undergo two lesson observations; these developmental opportunities were invaluable in providing feedback for professional growth and reflection. They have also provided the core topic of reflection for this Units SWOT Analysis.

Reflective Journal & Personal Targets

This will conclude my investigation into teaching, learning and assessment in education and training, coupled with its development as part of units UET3 & UET4. Together with the feedback from my observations, these combined units have been beneficial in providing key tools and resources to support and develop my teaching practice. Out of all of the projects, Task 03 was the most engaging; the formation of an induction leaflet to support new members of staff with a range of assessment methods, was incredibly constructive. With this task, I was initially concerned with the visual style and graphical layout of leaflet design; however, after reflecting upon my own ‘sink or swim’ experience, I wanted to create a document, that would evolve beyond a ‘task’ to evidence my learning. My idea, was to create a leaflet that provided key assessment strategies and practical suggestions based upon experience; where perhaps it could be implemented to actually support new members of staff within my current employment.


However, during the design and planning stage, the content grew and necessitated an artefact beyond the confines of a leaflet; the result was an A5 ‘Induction Booklet’. One of the main requirements, was that this leaflet be tailored for your home department. I ensured that this criterion was followed, by directing the potential reader to specific UAL documents and protocols. When designing this document, I also considered other departments, and how through minor alterations, it could be tailored to accommodate the qualification specification of other awarding bodies.


Moving forward, an area that I need to work on is my overall delivery and teaching style; after fourteen years in a Higher Education environment, I still revert to a lecturing mode, where I deliver rich, condensed content to learners who can easily assimilate mass data. A follow-on aspect of this, is my assessment of learning method; I need to improve my questioning techniques and periods of reflective assessment and questioning, where I do not allow the learners to become passive.


As stated in my ‘Reflective Account’ from Task 02, another area that I need to develop is my classroom management and how I approach behavioural issues. This has been noted in my lesson observations; incidents include, not acknowledging learners who are late and challenging disruptiveness. To support this development, I have chosen to base my ‘Action Research’ on behavioural management. My initial idea was to explore the term ‘Teenagogy’ and investigate the subtle nuances and peripheral characteristics, between pedagogy and andragogy. I had envisioned on laying out the foundations of this narrow, age based field of educational study, where teenage psychological development would be researched. Nevertheless, the study and research potential of behavioural strategies could be very interesting; I already have plans to conduct a college wide survey, where lecturers and learners will be asked to participate and add to the primary research.