Please see below a selection of resources, some I have created others are from the web.


This is a version of the Belbin Self-Perception test taken from ‘Team Building’ by Alistair Fraser and Suzanne Neville. It contains the original eight team roles, where the ‘Specialist’ role is omitted. I reformatted the layout and spacing and added my graphics at the end to summarize each role. For the official Belbin Self-Perception test, see BELBIN.
Please click the image below for the full downloadable PDF questionnaire. 

This is the MkII version, I spent a little too long fiddling with this design, but it works in listing the nine different Belbin Team Roles.


A great visual guide on the Nine Types of Intelligence


Here is a Tarsia puzzle I created on colours and their Hexadecimal, RGB and Pantone representations.


Feel free to use this SWOT Analysis template I created. (Word Doc)

A nice and visually engaging version of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Verbs by Fractus Learning


This is my own colourful version of a comparative reflective model between Kolb, Greenaway and Argyris & Schön.


I have explored Blooms Taxonomy of verbs a number of times to better improve my vocabulary when constructing handouts and assignment briefs. However, this adapted version created by Andrew Church is great, as it takes into account 21st century language in a technology driven learning environment. For example, when applying metadata to an image for classification purposes, the learner can apply the practice of ‘tagging’, or if they have created a video journal of their work the term ‘vlogging’ could be used.